Who is Damien Darhk?

Damien Darhk, AKA Kenneth Bender, was a former member of the cult group called League of Assassins, an ex-best friend/nemesis “Ra’s al Ghul,” and a former “Heir to the Demon” and the archenemy of White Canary/Sara Lance. After escaping death at Ra’s hands, Darkh stole water from the Lazarus Pit and formed his version of the League of assassins called H.I.V.E. Darkh’s methods were far more extreme and killed thousands of people. Using the Lazarus Pit, Damien continued his schemes for over a century, plotting to end the world in a nuclear fire to give it a fresh start. Damien spent years gathering the resources and followers to build a shelter to survive such an apocalypse. Finally, around 2011, he obtained the Khushu Idol, which gave him considerable powers and abilities and made him virtually unstoppable.

Damien Darkh’s Biography

Early life

Damien Darhk was born around 1759. Darkh and an unnamed man became horsemen of Ra’s al Ghul in the League of Assassins. Darkh thought himself worthy of taking the leader’s mantle, but his friend was the chosen one. Damien was to be killed but escaped, taking with him the waters of the Lazarus Pit and some loyal followers. Damien founded his organization, H.I.V.E., to continue the League’s goals as he saw fit.

Attacks on Star City

Neal McDonough as Damien Darkh in Arrow.

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Later in 2015, Darkh returned to “Star City,” formerly known as Starling City, with a mission to destroy the city. He sent his operatives, known as “The Ghosts,” to rob banks and jewelry stores to build enough wealth for H.I.V.E.’s operation. After accomplishing this, Darkh had his men steal weapons and ammunition, mainly from Kord Industries, and began a killing spree where many civilians were dead. Darkh also managed to force the co-operation of S.C.P.D. Captain Quentin Lance uses his daughter, Laurel Lance, as leverage should Lance disagree with aiding him wherever he needs.


The surviving city leaders, Quentin included, held a private meeting to discuss how to combat H.I.V.E. agents, known publicly as “The Ghosts.” Damien intruded and clarified his intentions. He intended to let the city die and informed them all to call their loved ones and give their goodbyes, as they would all be dead soon and left. True to his word, Damien’s organization coordinated attacks which left D.A. Susanna poisoned and the other leaders either stabbed or shot. His men deliberately leave Quentin alive with a broken arm to take suspicion off himself. 

First death

The Green Arrow kills Damien Darhk.

After H.I.V.E.’s rampage through Star City, while attempting to execute Operation Genesis, Darkh was killed by Green Arrow. Who was able to negate Damien’s dark magic with Light Magic by drawing on the optimistic faith of the Star City and its belief in him, both as Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Oliver then stabbed an arrow right into Darkh’s chest and looked down at him as he slowly died. His death was captured on someone’s mobile device and televised for the world.

Damien Darkh’s Resurrection

The Order of the Shrouded Compass meet to resurrect Damien Darhk.

Darhk’s corpse became time-displaced as an anachronism and landed in 1895 London. There, it was taken by a cult in London that was led by one of Martin Stein’s ancestors. The cult stole his body from where it had been buried and set to work trying to preserve it for the upcoming blood moon. They procured fresh blood from people to begin the resurrection of Darhk, but the deaths were labeled as vampire attacks. Nora Darhk arrived per the wishes of Mallus to prepare for the arrival of Rip Hunter and the Legends, who were tracking their activities. When the blood moon had come, its and Mallus’ power flowed into Darhk and brought him back to life. He then looked down and smiled at the sight of his now-adult daughter and the gathered witnesses.

Second death

The Legends and Damien Darhk try to release Mallus.

As Damien and his daughter continued causing changes to the timeline, Mallus’s control over Nora became stronger. When they sent Grodd back in time to kill a younger version of Barack Obama, Mallus broke free of his prison but returned to his cage when the Legends stopped Grodd from killing Obama. This worried Damien, as he now realized that Nora would die because Nora was Mallus’s vessel if Mallus was freed. Darhk admitted to Nate that while he did want to remake the world in his image, Damien didn’t want to lose the person he was doing it for. When Mallus was released at the cost of Nora’s body, Damien allied himself with the Legends to stop the demon and save his daughter. His fate was taking Nora’s place in Mallus’s return, killing Damien.


Damien used to be arrogant and overconfident, believing himself to be the worthy successor to the then-Ra’s al Ghul. However, he was brilliant, calculating, and cunning as he managed to stay a step ahead of Ra’s for years, evading him every time Ra’s tried to kill him. According to his late assistant, he was not someone who could be caught off-guard so easily.

Damien Darkh, Malcom Merlyn, and Eobard Thawn in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow..

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Damien Darkh’s Powers and abilities


  • Dark magic: 
  • Telekinesis:
  • Enhanced endurance:
  • Enhanced strength: 
  • Teleportation: 
  • Conjuration: 
  • Electrokinesis: 


  • The peak of human physical condition: 
  • Master swordsman: 
  • Master marksman: 
  • Expert archer: 
  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader: 
  • High pain tolerance: 


  • Light magic: Since Damien’s charm comes from the absorption and manipulation of dark energy, if one can focus their natural life energy on positive sources of strength (i.e., hope and joy), Damien’s magic will ultimately prove ineffective against the target and even physically repel him from trying to absorb the said person’s life-force. It was this weakness that allowed Oliver to defeat him finally.

Former weaknesses

  • Khushu Idol: The exact source of Damien’s dark power was also his fundamental weakness. Damien will lose his powers if the idol is destroyed, becoming an average human again. If the idol can be reassembled and the sacrifice ritual is performed, it will restore Darkh’s powers. Darkh will also lose his powers if he does not regularly absorb negative energy from others. 
  • The Queen: For reasons unknown, but because of the Lazarus Pit’s effects in making one emotionally and morally unstable, Thea was immune to Darkh’s life-siphoning power. When he used this power on her, he found his life force depleting, severely weakening him. However, since Thea has been cured of the Lazarus Pit’s effects, notably the insanity, she is likely no longer immune to Darkh’s ability to drain the life force of others.

Former equipment

  • Khushu Idol: The Khushu Idol is a mystical totem and the source of most of Darkh’s powers. However, Darkh can use his powers without the idol after being resurrected.
  • Laser pistol: Darkh used a laser gun he supposedly got from Eobard Thawne. It’s unknown what became of the weapon following the disbandment of the Legion of Doom.
  • Saber: Darkh wielded a saber when he became a member of the Legion of Doom until he was restored to his regular timeline.
  • Death Totem: Damien wielded this lost totem to defeat Mallus and save his daughter Nora. While only having this item for a short time, it acted as a booster for his Dark Magic.
  • Time stone: Darkh uses a mystical stone that he obtained from either Nora or Kuasa, allowing him the power of teleportation and time travel.
  • Hell sword: After his resurrection as an Encore, he fulfilled his wish to see Nora one last time. However, knowing that he will continue to be tortured after returning to Hell, as he did not do his job, he instead used the sword to end his life and prevent his torture.

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