Gorr: The God Butcher

By taking an oath to slay all the gods, “Gorr the God Butcher” goes on a quest to fulfill his promise. With the help of the All-Black, the first and most ancient evil symbiote.  

“It fell from the sky many years ago, on a world without a name. I picked it up and butchered my first gods. And then as I stood there, baptized in their blood. A question formed in my simple little brain I wonder if there are more?” Gorr The God Butcher.

The Nonbeliever

Raised by his parents on a nameless planet, young Gorr learns of the gods who they must pay homage to keep the family safe. Gorr, possessing a crippled leg and a curious demeanor, questions his mother about the existence of gods. Why he can’t see or feel the presence of gods. Why they didn’t help his father when he fell ill with the sun fevers. His mother reassures him that his father lived a long life and that they’ll see him again someday. Soon after, she dies, saving him from a pair of creatures the size of dinosaurs.

Years later, Gorr births children with his mate Arra. Unfortunately she perishes when she is carrying another child in an earthquake. Most of his children are left dead of the same illness as his father. With only one son left, Gorr travels with his tribe away from their wasteland in search of a more resourceful area of the planet. However, his son did not survive the journey. With the loss of his son, Gorr loses all faith in the gods and commits sinful acts, such as burying his son underground, which is a practice forbidden by his culture. He also preaches that there are no gods to take care of them. His tribe stoned him so that the gods couldn’t hear his lies, saying he was of the black gods and his crippled leg was a sign.

Gorr’s first encounter with God.

Knull and Gorr from Marvel Comics.

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While walking alone through the deserts, a pair of armored beings hurtle across the sky and land in an explosion on the ground nearby. Gorr approaches these unknown beings to find the gilded one who had stabbed the inky black opponent. Gorr refuses when the gold god asks for help, viewing the beings as gods and thus blaming them for his suffering. Just then, an ooze-like substance shot up into Gorr’s hand from the blade of the black-armored god and formed into a spearhead as if forged into a volcanic glass. With it, he butchered the remaining god. The spearhead turned once again into the ooze with a mere thought, covering Gorr’s body in armor with wings. As he flew away from his planet and into outer space, he wondered if more gods were out there to find. 


An Ancient Symbiote of Power

The first symbiote, All-Black, is an ancient amorphous weapon originating from the evil Knull. It left Knull when he became incapacitated and bonded itself to Gorr, who became imbued with its superhuman powers, including flight and increased strength and durability. From Gorr’s thoughts, he can mold the shapeshifting symbiote to form armor around his body and produce weapons, which are limited only by his thoughts. One of the weapons, All-Black the Necrosword, extends from his arms and is made from living darkness. The symbiote also provides him with the ability to regenerate.

Powers and abilities of Gorr

According to Galactus, Gorr possesses “All-Black the Necrosword,” which “carved the first dawn from the stone of the endless night.” The blade was forged by Knull, the progenitor of the Klyntar species, using the head of a slain Celestial. The blade allows its user to create wings that enable them to fly at extreme speeds, weapons, and a shroud of Berserkers constructed out of the darkness. In addition, he can create sharp tendrils that can kill any god, including Asgardians. The blade is later banished into a black hole, but an elderly King Thor uses it to battle Galactus. Gorr also created the Godbomb, an anti-divinity armament designed to kill every god who existed or ever existed. Gorr possesses superhuman strength, durability, and endurance and is virtually immortal.


Familial Bonds

Gorr’s only allies are his family. After losing them all, he begins spouting blasphemy against the gods, resulting in his tribe turning against him. When the All-Black symbiote bonds to him, he creates an army of black berserkers, dog-like creatures with immense strength. They do his bidding and kill gods for him, which fuels his powers. Using the symbiote, he also creates his deceased wife and son constructs.

Gods are the One True Enemy

Gorr and his weapon.

Gorr has had numerous encounters with Thor Odinson, aka Thor, over the centuries. One encounter in particular where he nearly lost his life teaches him that his dreams are still possible, that he has something to live for, which is to kill all the gods. He claims he has slain gods of jealousy, death, war, fear, chaos, poetry, and flowers.

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Other Possible Thor 4 Villains

While Gorr is currently the top rumored contender to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, his MCU debut has yet to be confirmed. It’s also possible he may be one of several villains appearing in the sequel. Here are some other Marvel villains who could appear with that in mind.


Enchantress from Marvel Comics.

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Enchantress is probably the most significant Thor villain yet to appear in the MCU. Her debut is perhaps only a matter of time. Plus, with Jane Foster transforming into Thor and Valkyrie returning, Marvel may wish to focus on a female-driven cast this time. Enchantress is a powerful Asgardian sorceress with a severe case of unrequited love for Thor. Unfortunately, her jealousy of Jane’s romance with Thor has led to her trying to kill Jane on more than one occasion.

Dario Agger 

Dario Agger 

He is the current CEO of Roxxon Energy Corp, the evilest corporation in the Marvel Universe (and one that’s appeared in numerous MCU projects). He also happens to be the Minotaur of Greek legend. We don’t necessarily see Dario serving as the main villain of Love and Thunder. Still, he could quickly be introduced as a secondary antagonist working alongside a character like Gorr or Enchantress.


Mangog vs Thor

The Mangog is a villain after Gorr’s own heart. Mangog is created from the combined hatred of billions of beings killed during a failed invasion of Asgard. He is a monster of pure rage utterly committed to Odin’s destruction. It also happens to be the final villain Jane Foster fought during her tenure as Thor. The Mangog could be a way of including elements of the God Butcher storyline in the movie without the need for a character with as much back story as Gorr.


Surter from Thor Ragnarock

The ruler of Muspelheim played a small but pivotal role in Thor: Ragnarok. Destroying Asgard and killing himself and Hela along with it. But is Surtur truly gone? Given how integral he’s been to so many major Thor storylines, we’d like to think this villain has a more significant part to play in the Thor franchise.

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