Inhumans: Marvel’s Failed Project.

Inhumans is a TV series based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. A race of superhumans with diverse and unique abilities. The show focuses on the Inhuman Royal Family, led by Black Bolt, who escape to Earth after a coup by Black Bolt’s brother Maximus. The show was intended to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to showcase the IMAX technology.

However, the show received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences. They criticized its writing, acting, direction, production values, visual effects, and deviation from the source material. The show was a commercial failure, as it performed poorly at the IMAX and had low ratings on ABC. The show was canceled after one season of eight episodes.

Everything Wrong with Inhumans.

Some of the reasons why the show could not be a hit are:

  • The show was rushed into production, as it was announced in November 2016 and premiered in September 2017. This resulted in a need for more creative vision, planning, and quality control.
  • The show was initially planned to be a movie but was changed to a TV series due to creative differences between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television. This caused confusion and inconsistency in the tone and style of the show.
  • The show was co-financed by IMAX, who had creative input and demanded that the first two episodes be shot with IMAX cameras and released in theaters. This limited the budget and scope of the show, as well as alienated the TV audience, who had to pay extra to watch the premiere.
  • The show did not appeal to the fans of the Inhumans comics. They felt the performance needed to capture the characters’ and stories’ essence and spirit. The show also could have connected better with the MCU fans. They thought the show did not fit in with the established continuity and quality of the franchise.
  • The show suffered from poor marketing and promotion, as it needed to generate more hype or interest among the viewers. The trailers and posters were criticized for needing to be more appealing and appealing. The show also faced competition from other superhero shows and movies released around the same time.

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