Dr. Strange Top 8 Strongest Variations.

Before making his mark on the upcoming movie Dr. Strange, Multiverse of Madness, we take a look at some of the most powerful and crazy versions of Dr. Strange!

Doctor Stephen Strange, also known as the master of the mystic arts, is the Sorcerer Supreme. He was introduced as an egocentric brain surgeon. However, after losing the stability of both of his hands in an accident, his perspective on life is invariably changed. Seeking new ways to heal himself, Strange eventually came across the Ancient One. After receiving the magical being’s teaching, Strange regained the use of his hands, but rather to cast spells and become the Sorcerer Supreme.

As one of the mightiest mortals ever, there’s little Doctor Strange cannot do. With access to incredible magic, Doctor Strange can astral project, teleport, manipulate the fabric of dimensions, create force fields, and possesses pretty much any magical power one can imagine. Because of the multiverse in which the Marvel Universe resides, Doctor Strange has many different versions. Today at Entertainment Reviewed, we’re taking a look at several versions of Doctor Strange, who are more robust than the real deal, and a few who aren’t quite the wizard of the hour.


Punisher as Dr. Strange in Secret Wars: Battleworld.
Punisher as Dr. Strange in Secret Wars: Battleworld.

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In Secret Wars: Battleworld #1, the spirit of a different alternate reality, Doctor Strange, possesses the Punisher after being bitten by vampires. Naturally, the possessed Punisher was pleased by his newly found power. He fought Doom’s forces throughout realities with a combination of his tactical know-how and Strange’s mysticism. Going by the name “Soldier Supreme,” Frank Castle held nothing back.

While Strange’s much-vaunted powers might be wasted in any other hero’s hands, the Punisher used them with deadly efficiency.

To him, the mystic arts were just a limitless cache of weapons. He quickly killed the Hulk and Ghost Rider, blowing up the latter with a magic bazooka. Unfortunately, the Punisher was dead, going out in a blaze of glory, but not before Strange possessed the body of an evil Wolverine.


Dr. Strangefate from the amalgam universe.

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In one of their only crossovers, DC Comics and Marvel created the world of Amalgam. It was a failed PR stunt to bump up sales. Nevertheless, it was a fun ride, as they literally mashed up fan-favorite characters into different heroes. Of course, the most potent Amalgam characters were Doctor Strangefate.

Dr. Strangefate is a combination of Professor X, Dr. Fate, and Doctor Strange. He had a wide range of mystic abilities and devastating telepathic powers.

Strangefate was so powerful that he realized the Amalgam Universe’s temporary nature and fought to prevent its destruction. Although Strangefate is mightier than his counterparts, he still fails to keep his universe whole. Yet while his universe perished, he found refuge in Doctor Strange’s psyche, initiating the follow-up series DC/Marvel: All Access. But eventually, at Strangefate’s request, Dr. Strange recreated the Amalgam Universe as a pocket dimension and sent Strangefate back home.



Dr. Stramge 2099

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Despite the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme being passed on from one student to another, it’s out of the ordinary how few Stranges end up being women. That changed with the Doctor Strange of the year 2099. Calling herself “Strange,” this young woman is the world’s Sorceress Supreme. She’s more potent than nearly any other Strange who pressed or succeeded her, and she secretly shares her body with a demon.

Though she might not have all the experience of Doctor Stephen Strange, this hardly hinders her. She has enough raw power that the inexperience almost doesn’t matter.

Capable of everything from firing off crazy powerful energy blasts to time travel, one of Strange’s most significant advantages is that the demon who lives in her also protects her from major world shifts. This means she knows if she’s been trapped in an alternate reality and she won’t be affected by time discrepancies.


Bruce Banner as Sorcerer Supreme.

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Incredible Hulks Annual #1 introduced an alternate reality where Bruce Banner becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. Over on Earth-11638, Bruce Banner was introduced to Doctor Stephen Strange by the Amazing Spiderman. After teaching Banner everything, Dr. Strangefelt confident enough to leave the planet, allowing Banner to become the next Sorcerer Supreme. One of Banner’s first acts was to banish the Hulk from himself and cast the rage monster down into Hell.

This wasn’t a fantastic idea, as the Hulk later returned, corrupted by his time in the underworld and known as the Infernal Hulk.

He defeated the Infernal Hulk, but at the cost of his life. Still, before he died, Bruce left his physical form to explore the astral plane. He also freed the Amazing Spiderman from Hell and allowed him to be a hero as the Ghost Spider.


Loki as Dr. Strange.

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There have been but a handful of characters to try and take up Doctor Strange’s mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. It’s usually too daunting a task, but not to Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief. So after sneakily taking Strange’s title from under the Sorcerer’s nose, Loki undertakes the chore of protecting the Earth.

Initially, it might sound like a terrible idea to put Loki in charge of anything, much less a planet’s safety. Still, he actually did a pretty decent job.

Loki being Loki, he wasn’t much for dressing up for the occasion. So instead, he just wore his iconic horned helmet but also had the Cloak of Levitation hanging off him and occasionally letting it do its own thing. Due to his divine nature, Loki boasts nearly Thor-level physical strength. It is already a master at magic, the combination made for a mighty Sorcerer Supreme.



Different versions of Dr, Strange(s) from different universes.

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It shouldn’t be terribly surprising, but Doctor Stephen Strange is not immortal despite his vast power. His role as Sorcerer Supreme, however, is. The title has been carried on for thousands of years. So in different Marvel futures, there’s usually a Doctor Strange of some kind.

In 2014’s 100th Anniversary Special: Avengers, readers saw a future incarnation of Avengers face off with a descendant of Mole Man- — present was the 17th reincarnation of Doctor Strange.

In the 1990s Guardians of the Galaxy series, the alternate future showed a version of the Marvel Universe in the 31st century. In this continuity, Doctor Strange became the new Ancient One and trained Krugarr. Nearly every future version of Doctor Strange seems more potent than the original, as they all had more centuries more wisdom imparted onto them.


Mordo as Dr. Strange.

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In 1983, What If…? #40 addressed the question, What If Baron Mordo had become Sorcerer Supreme? In this story, Nightmare enlisted Mordo to prevent Strange from becoming a hero. And so, Nightmare and Mordo manipulate the Ancient One into training and naming Mordo as the Sorcerer Supreme. When Strange arrived to train with the Ancient One, he was taught simple meditation techniques and sent on his way.

Strange returned several years later, taunted by nightmares, and sought Mordo’s help.

Instead, Mordo trapped him in Nightmare’s Dream Dimension. Later, Dormammu and Nightmare fought, the Ancient One died, and Strange meditated his way to freedom. Mordo was a deadlier Sorcerer Supreme than Stephen Strange ever was. Still, since Strange’s story, he somehow accessed unfathomable power and defeated Mordo, Dormammu, and Nightmare.


Dr. Strange from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Fans occasionally give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a hard time. The heroes and villains are generally weaker than their comic book counterparts. However, the MCU version of Doctor Strange is another matter altogether. Though his origin is practical as in the source material, he doesn’t suffer from reducing his power. In fact, he might even be more robust than Doctor Strange from the comics.

One of the primary reasons for this is MCU Strange’s control over time and space.

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