Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of all Time.

Hello guys, here is a collection of 10 Science Fiction movies you can watch this week. This isn’t a ranking post. This is just a collection of movies. I hope you like this list. If you do, don’t forget to comment on your favorite movie on this list. 

1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s audacious, hilarious, wincingly on-point, and undeniably moving sci-fi tale follows a couple who’ve erased each other from their memories. With a nonlinear narrative and elements of a psychological thriller, Eternal Sunshine performs an autopsy on a broken bond—ultimately uncovering a singular, unforgettable way to make us believe in true love.

The Writers Guild of America named Kaufman’s screenplay the 24th best script in the history of motion pictures.

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2. Children of Men

How grounded can a science-fiction film feel while still ultimately remaining a genre work? Alfonso Cuaron’s harrowing human dystopia goes right down to the wire. There are flourishes of future-tech in Children Of Men, but its world feels a stone’s throw from our own. The year is 2027, and mankind has slowly become infertile. Cue world chaos and, in what might be the most outlandish concept in an otherwise prescient film, Britain is one of the sole bastions of calm.

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But, as immigration soars and the country becomes a police state, Clive Owen’s bureaucrat is contacted by a group of suspected terrorists and asked to help a young woman (Clare-Hope Ashitey’s Kee) reach a sanctuary that may not even exist. The reason? She’s pregnant… Taking a sci-fi setup and exploring it in a world that feels terrifyingly tangible – told with some astonishing, immersive extended takes – Cuaron delivers a poignant, urgent story.

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3. Inception

Inception- Entertainment Reviewed.

Conclusive proof that blockbusters can respect their audience’s intelligence while also thrilling with spectacular set-pieces, Inception is a truly remarkable achievement. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an ‘extractor’ who usually steals sensitive ideas from his targets’ minds but must now plant an idea in the head of his latest mark. 

As the narrative operated on several levels simultaneously, so did the filmmaking, layering metaphysical ideas with startling visuals and a grippingly propulsive narrative. Inception is a film not afraid to dream much, much bigger. However, if you’ve ever been worried about being trapped inside a dream, this may raise those fears tenfold.

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4. Under the Skin

Under the Skin got much attention for featuring Scarlett Johansson’s first nude scenes. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the best movies of this century so far. A masterwork of mad genius and originality, Jonathan Glazer’s loose adaptation of Michael Faber’s science fiction novel gave the Black Widow star and recent double Oscar nominee her best role to date. More screen-commanding than expressive, she’s unforgettable as an alien in the form of a beautiful woman who preys on men in Scotland.

Under the Skin has a grotesquely gorgeous, mega-unnerving texture that’s entirely its thanks to inventive visuals (you’ll quickly notice that some were copied by Stranger Things) and Mica Levi’s ingenious, shrieking score.

Many critics acknowledged the genius of Under the Skin upon release, and the picture’s reputation will only grow over time. It raises impossible, far-reaching questions about humanity. What’s most shocking is how close it comes to answering them.

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5. Arrival

Arrival- Entertainment Reviewed.

Denis Villeneuve’s gift for emotion-rich spectacle, and one of Amy Adams’ finest performances showcasing her quiet, layered intelligence, made this deliberately paced drama—about a linguistics expert striving to communicate with earthbound extra-terrestrials—a delicate masterpiece. Arrival takes its time, exploring its themes with gravity and curiosity. It all amounts to a surprising final act of spiritual oomph that floors you. This movie is a spiritual experience.

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6. RoboCop

RoboCop- Entertainment Reviewed.

Paul Verhoeven’s bold, uncompromising masterpiece works best as a satire—and it succeeds handsomely as a distinct superhero action thriller. Most superhero movies are adapted from comics; this one went the other way ’round. A Marvel comic first ran in 1990. Starring Peter Weller and Nancy Allen, Robocop was originally so violent it got slapped with an X-rating (this is the cut now available on streaming and home video). The watered-down PG-13 remake completely missed the point.


A step down from Paul Verhoeven’s original satiric masterpiece though a sturdy, undervalued genre achievement in its own right, Irvin Kershner’s sequel received a new wave of media attention in 2013 due to its prophetic depiction of Detroit filing for bankruptcy.

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7. The Matrix

 The Wachowskis’ stone-cold stunner sci-fi actioner broke all the rules, captured the zeitgeist, and snagged four Academy Awards (notably beating Star Wars: The Phantom Menace for Visual Effects, American Beauty for Film Editing). With every trip down the rabbit hole, The Matrix loses none of its allure or heart-pounding excitement. Unfortunately, the second and third entries petered out; fingers crossed that this year’s four-quel, a return to the alternate reality mythology that captivated us on the first go-round, captures the magic of the classic smash.

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8. Looper

Time travel is a plot device in countless genre films; Rian Johnson’s acclaimed Looper was a breath of fresh air. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt in the heartfelt, focused, and charmingly self-aware story about a hired gun faced with the dilemma of being assigned to kill his past self. Nominated for a WGA Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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9. Blade Runner 2049

The original remains the unmoved classic. While both Blade Runner movies are stunning, atmospheric works of deep intelligence and profound emotional impact. Blade Runner uses its high concept – a man trying to work out whether other “people” are robots known as replicants – to deliver a deeply moving tale that asks questions of humanity in a nihilistic, synthetic, commodified universe. 

While, at its core, Blade Runner is a detective story, the layers go so much more profound. While Harrison Ford’s performance anchors us in Ridley Scott’s world, Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty steals every scene. 

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10. Annihilation

Annihilation- Ending Explained.

After a brief and limited theatrical run, Alex Garland’s bio-futurist film Annihilation went straight to Netflix, receiving rave reviews for its complexity. Lena (Natalie Portman) is a scientist whose husband (Oscar Isaac) disappeared and returned with little memory of what happened before. She finds out he was sent to investigate the Shimmer. An iridescent force field with mysterious origins and effects on the people who enter it. As she journeys into it, alongside a group of other scientists, she finds human-shaped plants and weird animal hybrids alongside unnatural phenomena. The film’s premise seems initially simple. Its philosophical bent and stellar performances create an immersive story pushed along by an unusual and killer soundscape.

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