Top 10 Romantic Comedies of 2022.

You may have mixed feelings about how 2022’s going (valid). Still, at least we can say it’s given us a slew of delightful new romantic comedies to watch, and so many more are coming out this year. 

The romantic comedy is back significantly and I’m talking comedies too. This isn’t just about sexual tension and falling in love. I want quirky, silly obstacles with low stakes and awkward situations! No disrespect to the yuletide efforts of Hallmark and Lifetime. But the actual big-screen Romantic Comedies are coming in 2022. and many that are already out and streaming. With your favorite stars and hilarious plots that tumble toward a big swoony happy ending. This is an excellent year for meet-cutes, grand romantic gestures, and running through the airport. I can feel it!

When it comes to romantic comedies, I don’t want to hear anything about multiverses or murder mysteries. They have their time. This is Rom-Com time.

Get ready to laugh with these hilarious 2022 romantic comedies. It’s Always Sunny fans will want to check out I Want You Back, starring Charlie Day and Jenny Slate. There are also romcoms on this list for music fans. Marry Me marries Jennifer Lopez’s musical talents with her acting abilities as she and Owen Wilson light up the silver screen. You’ll also find the teen film Sex Appeal on this list as a straight-A student applies the scientific method to “doing it.” So if you love romcoms, you’re in the right place for the best Romantic Comedies this year offers.

10. Marry Me

IMDb 6.1

Marry Me: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.
Marry Me: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

Jennifer Lopez’s new romance film, Marry Me, follow superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian, who have planned to hold their wedding in front of global crowds. However, when Kat finds out Bastain has been unfaithful moments before their vows, she decides to marry a fan in the audience instead.

This film is made for Jennifer Lopez, letting her show off her many talents as an actress and singer. The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson is palpable, making it the perfect swoon-worthy watch. Funny, light-hearted, and intelligent, Marry Me is waiting to subvert fans’ expectations.

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9. Love and Leashes

IMDb 6.1

Love and Leashes: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

Love and Leashes is Netflix’s newest Korean rom-com. It follows two co-workers who agree on a contractual agreement on their sexual relationship, exploring the world of pleasure and pain together.

This new look into BDSM differs significantly from previous films like Fifty Shades of Grey. It remains sweet and sensual as it looks into the world of kinks. Fans appreciate its desire to not show this form of love as dangerous or “weird” and instead show it to be wholesome between the main leads. In addition, it offers a different take on what is often considered a scandalous concept.

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8. Along for the Ride

IMDb 6.1

Along for the ride: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

Based on Sarah Dessen’s famous YA novel, Along for the Ride follows a studious insomniac on the verge of college. And the boy who helps her capture all the joy she missed out on in high school.

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7. The Lost City

IMDb 6.1

The lost city: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

This movie was formerly called The Lost City of D (get it?). Change it back, cowards! It marks the return of Sandra Bullock to the genre alongside Channing Tatum. It’s about a romance novelist who ends up on an island with an eccentric billionaire who wants her to find the treasure she wrote about in her most recent *fictional* novel. Brad Pitt is also in this, FYI.

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6. Crush

IMDb 6.2

Crush: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies

When a young artist is forced to join her high school track team, she uses it as a chance to pursue the girl for whom she harbors a crush. But she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate and discovering what real love feels like.

It’s a cutie-pie, WLW, young-adult rom-com starring Miss Girl Meets World and Miss Moana herself! I love to see it!

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5. I want you Back

IMDb 6.6

I want you back: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

Comedians Jenny Slate and Charlie Day are starting the year off right and romantic with this cute-looking ensemble flick. Their characters form a friendship when they meet mid-sob over their respective breakups and decide to help each other. But are they going to end up together? I can’t wait to find out!

Get your “ha-ha’s” and your warm fuzzies all at the same time with this charming rom-com. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate team up to get their exes back, but they might find they make a pretty good team.

Peter and Emma are total strangers. They realize they were both dumped on the same weekend when they meet. However, their commiseration becomes a mission when they see that their ex-partners have happily moved on to new romances.

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4. The Valet

IMDb 6.7

The Valet: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

The Valet follows superstar celebrity Olivia as she faces a PR disaster. The paparazzi catch her with her lover, and there’s a big problem: he’s married. As a result, Antonio, the valet driver in the picture’s background, is asked to pose as Olivia’s new boyfriend in an attempt to save her image.

This fake-dating scenario is perfect for trope romantic comedy lovers but will surprise them with how it subverts elements of the genre. With extremely likable leads and funny storytelling, it’s an excellent watch for rom-com lovers. The Valet is another heartwarming movie with some cultural details to develop the story deeper.

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3. Fire Island

IMDb 6.7

Dire Island: Entertainment Reviewed: Romantic Comedies.

Fire Island is a modern-day retelling of classic literature, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. It follows two gay best friends as they take their annual trip to the Fire Island Pines. Things go as usual: parties, drinks, laughter, and love. But things change when they meet a pair of wealthy vacationers.

Fire Island is full of amazing actors who deliver an excellent screen performances. It has been praised for its fresh and natural reimagining of Austen’s novel while staying faithful to the source material. In addition, the film is entertaining and is not solely focused on romantic love but on love between friends, which is both refreshing and touching.

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2. Good Luck to you, Leo Grande

IMDb 7.2

Good luck to you: Romantic Comedy.

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande stars Emma Thompson as Nancy, a retired widower who had a lackluster marriage. To feel what she has lost, she books a hotel room and hires a sex worker for one fun, eventful night.

Nothing is missing from a film with very little variety in setting. Emma Thompson puts on an outstanding performance, with fans getting to see her in a new and fun light in this film about sexual awakening. Good Luck To You, Leo Grande has a level of honesty and empathy that fans genuinely appreciate and applaud. This is a raw and endearing watch for a different take on a romantic com.

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1. Cha Cha Real Smooth

IMDb 7.3

Dakota Johnson in Cha Cha Real Smooth.

This indie romantic comedy looks so charming. It’s about two adults who find each other in different states of arrested development. It stars Cooper Raiff, who also wrote and directed the film. It might be moodier and less full of antics than some rom-coms, but my heart is whole just watching the trailer, so at least they’ve got the chemistry right! A fledgling recent college grad befriends a young mom (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter in this bittersweet rom-com.

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