6 Cinematic Universe in Indian Cinema.

Cinematic Universes from Indian Cinema.

Taking a cue from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indian filmmakers have also decided to enter the fan-favorite zone and create their cinematic universes.

The most talked about is YRF’s Spy Universe, which will have its fourth film Pathaan starring Shah Rukh Khan, released on January 25, 2023.

The other popular Indian cinematic universes include Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe, Dinesh Vijan’s Horror-Comedy Universe, Rohit Shetty Comedy Universe, Lokesh Cinematic Universe, and Sailesh Konalu’s Hitverse. 

Here’s a look at 6 of the most prominent Indian cinematic universes and their iconic founders:

6. YRF Spy Universe

YRF (Yash Raj Films) Spy Universe will be the first cinematic universe in Indian Cinema. The movies in this cinematic universe include: 

YRF Spy Universe, though it is the first cinematic universe, didn’t start as a cinematic universe. However, the success of the films War and Tiger Zinda Hai, the sequel to the first film Ek Tha Tiger, has laid the foundation of the cinematic universe we see today. 

Tiger 3 movie is teased in the recent blockbuster Pathaan. Bollywood fans were excited to see Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan sharing the screen in a film. Fans are also eager to see Tiger vs. Pathaan in the future. War 2 will get on the rails by this year’s end. 

5. Rohit Shetty Cop Universe

The cop universe from Rohit Shetty is a cop-based cinematic universe that includes the following movies and web series:

Rohit Shetty Cop Universe is a universe that started as a regular remake of a Tamil superhit movie Yamudu (Singham), which gained much love from the Bollywood audience. Rohit Shetty then came up with the sequel to the film Singham Returns. But, until here, there were no plans to make it a cop universe. Then came another remake of the Telugu superhit movie Temper (Simba). 

The guest appearance of Ajay Devgan (who plays Bhajirao Singham in Singham) in the movie Simba confirmed the cop universe. Later Rohit Shetty came up with Sooryavanshi, starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. 

4. Rohit Shetty Comedy Universe

This marks the second cinematic universe from Rohit Shetty. This comedy universe includes:

There is little to talk about this universe as this is still under development. However, Cirkus is a prequel to the upcoming film Golmaal 5. 

3. Lokesh Cinematic Universe

Lokesh Cinematic Universe revolves around a drug racket run by Surya and an ex-army agent who vows to track them down for a drug-free society. 

The movies in Lokesh Cinematic Universe Include: 

Lokesh Kanakaraj is the director who has a vision and started the cinematic universe that rose to the limelight with the second installment of Vikram. Lokesh has given back-to-back blockbuster hit movies, Kaithi starring Karthi in the lead role, and Vikram starring Kamal Hasan. The two films are interlinked and reveal a vast drug mafia racket run by Surya. 

The reveal in the ending scene of Vikram has given the chills to the audience and Surya fans. 

2. Dinesh Vijans Horror-Comedy Universe

Dinesh Vijans Horror-Comedy Universe is a cinematic universe based on urban legends and stereotypes. It is a blend of horror and comedy that has proven to be a hit combination. Unfortunately, that is not true for this horror-comedy universe. As only one of three installments from this series is a super hit. 

The films in this cinematic universe include:

Here are a few movie series that can be converted into cinematic universes in the coming future. 

Possible Cinematic Universes.

A. KGF Universe

KGF is one of the highest-grossing films in Indian Cinema. It created history in the Sandalwood (Kanada film industry). Prashanth Neel is the mastermind behind the success of KGF. His next film is with Prabhaas. Fans are eager to know if Pabhaas’s Salaar is the next installment of the KGF movie series.  The movies from KGF Series include:

  • KGF Chapter 3
  • Salaar

B. Ayan Mukerjis Astraverse

Bramhastra is the most anticipated movie of the year 2022. With a budget of 400 Cr, the movie was a mere hit. Though the title Astraverse stimulates that it is going to be a cinematic universe of its own, the planned films include 

This makes the film a trilogy with one storyline, which is not a cinematic universe. When part one hit the theaters, Shah Rukh Khan’s guest appearance was a feast for everyone who wasn’t expecting that. Later SRK fans demanded a stand-alone film for Doctor Manohar (role played by SRK). The director said they’d look into it. 

If a stand-alone movie of SRK in Bramhastra begins its production, it becomes a Cinematic Universe. 

1. Sailesh Konalu’s Hitverse

Hitverse is another cop-centric cinematic universe from the Tollywood industry. The plot revolves around the Homicide Intervention Team officers. The movies from this cinematic universe include: 

Hit First Case was a super hit in the Tollywood Industry. As a result, a remake of the film was released in 2022. The Hindi HIT film is streaming on Netflix. 

This concludes the list of existing and possible cinematic universes in Indian Cinema. If we have missed something, let us know in the comment section. If you liked the content, then follow us for more content. We are also available on Instagram and YouTube. 

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