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  • Stunt Doubles- Unknown Facts.

    Stunt Doubles- Unknown Facts.

    Stunt doubles are actors’ assistants who perform high-risk actions in films and television shows. They are trained professionals who can perform various physical feats, such as fighting, driving, falling, jumping, or hanging. They often replace the main actors in scenes that are too dangerous or difficult for them to do. Here are eight unknown facts…

  • Did you know: The Boys

    Amazon’s The Boys is a superhero series based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The show is set in a world where superheroes are not the heroes we know them to be. Instead, they are corrupt and use their powers for their gain, much to the detriment…

  • Top 08 Heist Movies

    A crack team of thieves. A priceless haul. A Heist plan that cannot fail. Welcome to the world of heist films. A genre with a familiar setup where the infinite pleasures of watching criminals try to beat the odds and avoid getting caught. The genre lends itself well to both action and characters. It’s one…

  • Movies That Are Hard To Watch Twice

    Horror Movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Human Centipede are masterpieces. Still, they pushed the envelope, too, and are too gross to get fans to come back for seconds.

  • Top 10 Romantic Comedies of 2022.

    You may have mixed feelings about how 2022’s going (valid). Still, at least we can say it’s given us a slew of delightful new romantic comedy movies to watch, and so many more are coming out this year. 

  • Top 10 Horror Movie Characters.

    A good horror movie that gives us chills is the movie with more than just the jump scenes and mysterious plot twists. A good horror movie isn’t remembered for how the plot unfolds. But for its characters that leave a mark in our minds.

  • Ten best Serial Killer Movies

    Serial killer movies are the dark heart of the crime genre. Unlike true-crime podcasts or the written word, the crimes themselves. Often executed with a degree of preparation usually reserved for much more joyous occasions and invariably gory need to be visualized. This can make for a troubling viewing experience but also gives filmmakers the…