Pocket Dimension Explained.

A pocket dimension is a concept in science fiction and fantasy. That refers to a small extra pocket of space attached to our dimension. It is not a separate dimension but rather a part of our dimension that is isolated or hidden from the rest of the space. A pocket dimension can have different properties and rules than the shared space, such as being bigger inside, having different gravity or time flow, or containing other creatures or objects.

The possibility of going to a pocket dimension depends on how it is created and accessed. Pocket dimensions may be natural phenomena, such as wormholes or black holes, that can be entered by traveling through them. Some may be artificial constructs, such as portals or devices, that can be opened or activated by using magic or technology. Some may be personal or subjective, such as dreams or illusions, that can be entered by using one’s mind or imagination.

Movies and TV shows on Pocket Dimension.

Many movies and TV shows have used pocket dimensions in their stories, either as plot devices, settings, or themes. Here are some examples:

  • Doctor Who: The long-running sci-fi series features many pocket dimensions that the Doctor and his companions visit or encounter, such as the TARDIS (a time machine that is bigger on the inside), the Void (a space between parallel universes), and the Dream Lord’s realm (a psychic projection that traps people in nightmares).
  • Stranger Things: The popular sci-fi horror series features a pocket dimension called the Upside Down. A dark and twisted version of our world inhabited by monstrous creatures called Demogorgons. The Upside Down can be accessed by opening rifts using psychic powers or technology.
  • Coraline: The animated fantasy film features a pocket dimension called the Other World. It is a seemingly perfect version of Coraline’s natural world created by a sinister entity called the Other Mother. The Other World can be accessed through a small door in Coraline’s house.
  • Inception: The acclaimed sci-fi thriller film features a pocket dimension called the dream world. People can manipulate their surroundings and experience their subconscious desires or fears in this shared mental space. The dream world can be accessed using a device that induces lucid dreaming.


These are some of the movies and TV shows that have used pocket dimensions in their stories. They show how pocket dimensions can create exciting scenarios, explore different realities, or challenge one’s perception of reality. What do you think about these movies and TV shows? Which one is your favorite? Do you agree with their portrayal of pocket dimensions? What other films and TV shows based on pocket dimensions would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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