The Flash: Movie Review

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The Flash is a disappointing adaptation of the Flashpoint Paradox storyline, which involves Barry Allen altering the timeline. Creating an alternate timeline where he must team up with an older Batman (Micheal Keaton) to fix his mistake.


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The movie lacks originality, coherence, and depth, relying on clichés, fan service, and spectacle to cover up its weak script and direction. The plot is elementary and predictable. With zero surprises and twists, that could have made the story more engaging and complex. The characters are poorly developed and lack motivation, especially General Zod, who is reduced to blunt writing and poor execution.
The VFX is inconsistent and sometimes downright awful, especially in the scenes involving the Speed Force and the final battle. The movie feels like a collection of scenes already shown in the trailer, with no real connection or emotion. The film’s only saving grace is Michael Keaton’s performance as the older Batman, who brings some gravitas and charisma to his role.

He is the only perfect cast in the film, as he captures the essence of the character and his relationship with Barry. The Flash is a wasted opportunity to explore a fascinating, dark story arc from the comics. Instead, it delivers a bland and forgettable superhero flick that fails to live up to its potential.
Watch it in theaters only if you are a DC fan or a fan of Flash. Or else I’d suggest you wait for the OTT release.

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