Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast fails to impress audience.

Nelson tries to take the ‘Doctor’ route again, retaining the humor-thriller formula, but the mixed genres annihilate each other’s space instead of complementing each other. The thrilling story of “Beast” intrigues you using its imaginative traps, but it loses momentum on switching between an actioner, a lame love story, and a moderate comedy. In addition, the highly convenient love angle doesn’t help the script create an emotional connection with the leading pair.

The story clearly (and rightly so) keeps Vijay as the center of attraction, but the problem starts when he’s the ‘only’ center of attraction because there’s not much happening around him. Manoj Paramahamsa’s camera covers a 360° view around Vijay, as he leaves no corner vacant from which you can probably shoot Thalapathy. A scene involves the camera angle to do a cartwheel & Manoj achieves that with ultra-smoothness.

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Movie Review- “Beast”.

There were two types of audiences for this movie at the theater I went to (Raghavendra Theater, Dammaigua, Hyderabad). One who booked tickets in advance, like me, and others who came to the theater and booked tickets. Now that’s odd behavior for such a movie. Thalapathy Vijay has a huge fan base in South India. So I expected a minimum house-full for the first day. But to my surprise, not even half of the theater was full.

Coming to the crux of the film, a terrorist group hijacks a city mall to demand to release of their leader, who was apprehended by Vijay a year ago. Coincidentally, Vijay is also in the same mall. How he saved the hostages from those terrorists is the movie. 

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The Positives.

Beast Still.

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Hero elevations scenes are magnificent. The slow-motion walk and action scenes were good. That is a treat to all Vijay fans. The VFX team and music team stood out in their work. VFX team has given their best, especially in fighter jet chase scenes. 

Coming to music, it’s well known that it is Anirudh Musical. Though there are two songs, the song Arabic Kuttu has become an internet sensation. Thanks to the Instagram reels. Background music was also good, apt for the scenes of this movie.  

The Negatives. 

“Beast” is a failed project. Feels like the director kept all his hopes on the stardom of Vijay, and didn’t focus on the story and screenplay. A few of my followers did point out that giving this movie a rating of 3/10 is a bit too harsh. Soon you’ll understand why I had to give such a rating.

There is just one song in the movie and one song at the credits. The runtime of this movie is 2hrs 36 mins, and the song was placed in the worst sequence possible. Coming to comedy scenes, I felt a significant part of the comedy was unnecessary. Especially scenes of an irritating old woman. I am sure her character was written just to kill so that audience would feel some thrill in the movie. But all we felt was a relief. (A bad thing to say, but she had it coming. Kudos to her acting though. She has given her best. But poor writing didn’t do any justice to her role.

Beast movie Review

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Is Beast movie worth watching?

Movies like Gaganam (Telugu), Chanakya (Telugu), and Baby (Hindi) were too good. They were similar genre movies. In Gangnam, a flight is hijacked and how the team led by Nagarjuna, saves the day is the movie. Baby is a movie where Akshay Kumar and his team had to do a sting operation to bring back a terrorist to India. Chanakya is a movie that had some comedy elements which were in sync with the movie’s mood. Comedy, story, and editing were negatives of this movie. So, sad to say, “Beast” is not worth it to watch in theaters. I’d rather wait for it to release on the OTT platform or when it airs on television. 


Story: 2/10


Comedy: 4/10

Songs: 6/10

Background Music: 7/10

VFX: 7/10

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