Tekken Bloodline Review.

Tekken Bloodline Review: Entertainment Reviewed

Tekken Bloodline is a Love Letter to all Fighting Gammers.

Netflix’s Tekken-Bloodlineis a worthy adaptation that could be the basis of longevity with impressive storyboarding, clear character arcs, and a gritty storyline.

There’s almost an undeniable wave of dread when a game adaptation surfaces in the news amongst the plethora of press releases. For reasons unknown, humans cannot get video games represented right.

Halo on Paramount plus got away with the hate. Despite many fans foaming from the mouth after the premiere, the series gained enough supporters to achieve renewal. But unfortunately, not the following canon appeared to have benefited the Paramount series.

And now, we have Tekken: Bloodline, but if we are fairer, at least the medium is anime. If anything can adapt a video game series, it is shiny and a brand new anime series on Netflix.

The formula still works.

Tekken: Bloodline was well worth the wait. It has a gritty, emotional origin story, following Jin Kazama from a child to adulthood, enduring the apparent death of his mother due to a demon. Then, venturing out to the world to find his grandfather Heihachi Mishima for training to avenge her death. Unfortunately, the anime series is not an immediate fly-in to characters fighting and instead teases the audience towards the King of Iron Fist Tournament. It’s a slow burner, but it’s worth the audience’s patience as the creators attempt to flesh out the world of Tekken in a serious manner rather than jumping straight into the action.

Tekken Bloodline: Netflix: Entertainment Reviewed.

And those aware of canon, and in particular the character of Jin Kazama, will not be surprised by the story’s direction. However, the anime series delightfully does not attempt to cloud newcomers with abundant incoherent references. Instead, the story is built for newcomers and loyal fans alike. There is no requirement to play Tekken 3 and onwards to understand the story. And regardless of extensive knowledge of the characters, there’s an abundance of excitement to know the story arc.


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The only disappointment is that the anime series has only released six episodes. So it’s not entirely clear if these are the only chapters of Tekken: Bloodline season 1 or if we should expect other parts to extend it. Or if we will be treated to a new second season. With the release schedule unclear, the anticipation for news on a continuation will be waited on with bated breath.

But the good news is that Tekken: Bloodline is a worthy adaptation that could be the basis of longevity with a gritty storyline, impressive storyboarding, and clear character arcs. Let’s hope that Netflix sees sense.


Jin Kazama sees his master, his mother, died at the hands of a demon. So he goes to train under his grandfather, only to discover some disturbing truths about his family lineage.

Tekken Bloodline Review:

The Netflix series Tekken: Bloodline goes the classic Naruto way, where bullying is quite common. Jin Kazama is already a fighter training to be the strongest and to fight his enemy. Himself.

Tekken Bloodline: Entertainment Reviewed.

Tekken Bloodline has all the aspects to make it a great TV series. From the VFX graphics to action. Almost all of it is very intriguing to be ignored. Room for little suspense is left in this series as well, just like most of the anime. The characters announce what will happen next, leaving little scope for surprise and shock.

The characters in the series are pretty strong, which makes the scenes worthwhile. Like most outstanding anime series, we have got worthy fighters in one in this show. That in itself assures you will stay interested in this series for a long time to come. The involvement of a demon factor gives a solid plotline for the series.

The show has a twist you know is coming, but still, it manages to surprise you. Before you know it, you would catch yourself rooting for the lead.


Tekken: Bloodline is a good watch. If you have nothing better to do, give this one a try. Even if you have better things to do, Tekken: Bloodline deserves some of your time, if not all of it. You could start watching the first episode, and we promise you that you’ll be binging on this one before you realize it.

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