Pushpa: The Rise- Spoiler Free Review

Pushpa movie was perfect for some and really bad for quite a few. But, for me, it felt good. From a cinema freak point of view, movie bags are really good in its story and screenplay. The VFX could have been better, but I think that’s good given the time taken to shoot and the budget. But it could have been better.

Pushpa: The Rise- Spoiler Free Review: Entertainment_Reviewed

The story and direction are good. But, of course, it’s Sukumar we’re talking about.
Coming to the actor’s performances, Allu Arjun nailed his performance. Rashmika Mandana’s performance was also good. However, her voice-over could have been better. Sunil has performed admirably in this film. Given his comedy appearance in previous movies, we literally forgot that he has a comedian. His performance was outstanding. Emotional scenes and comedy scenes were well-timed and perfectly portrayed.

Anusuya’s screen time was significantly less compared to other actors. Hope it will be compensated in part 2. The background score is also good. Although we won’t say that it’s excellent, it’s decent enough and goes well with the action and emotional sequences.

Coming to the scores.
Story: 6/10
VFX: 6.5/10
Actors performances:8/10
Hero elevations: 7/10
Background score: 7/10
Action scenes: 7/10
Screenplay: 9/10

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