Pathaan: A failed blockbuster.

Pathaan Movie Review.

We have been waiting for his arrival since 2018. It’s been more than four years. Bollywood lost its charismatic essence with not a single super hit in 2022. Though movies like Bhool Bulaya and Bramhastra have done good with numbers, they couldn’t save a seat in the audience’s hearts. Brahmhastra has become meme-content rather than awe. So naturally, everyone focused on Pathaan, released on 25th Jan 2023. So did the movie become a hit? Could Shah Rukh Khan save Bollywood? Let’s find out. 

Pathaan has a massive opening and broke all the previous records. So technically speaking, the movie is an enormous hit, and Bollywood is alive and breathing now, thanks to the collections of Pathan. But does this mean the film is a hit? Are the fans happy? 


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My experience in the theatre.

I don’t think so. The movie is very blunt in many aspects. I entered the amphitheater and saw that the audience’s strength was more than usual. Thanks to the Baadsha, the public came to the theater to watch the movie for a change. The movie started, and Shahrukh Khan got a simple entry backed with a magnificent action scene. Pathan is introduced to the audience, and the story kicks in. 

When there is a chase scene, we hear Ashutosh Rana trying to help out Pathaan by giving him directions, which feels like a running commentary of what is happening. This scene has a monotonous tone, taking Pathaan’s name for every dialogue. (Pathaan they have attacked….., Pathan they are moving in a gray hummer, Pathaan this, Pathaan that.) This scene was the first to give me a “what’s happening here” feeling. 

Once Deepika is introduced in the film, the story moves forward, and the not so well written comedy kicks in. Shah Rukh Khan calling the Russians Aunty and Uncle seemed childish and uncompelling. The interval bang, where Deepika showed her true colors, was very predictable. 

The Writer’s lack of interest in Deepika’s backstory was evident as they have done a spectacular job with John’s backstory but failed to do the same with Deepika. Shah Rukh Khan gave his best in this film, and John Abram didn’t act; he lived the part of the antagonist. 

As a person who adores films, I can relate to scenes from various Hollywood and Bollywood movies. I could listen to the audience shouting the names of movies like Fast and Furious and Mission Impossible and Welcome while watching some scenes in the film. 

Positives and Negatives 

The Positives: 

  • Action sequences
  • Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Paduoke’s acting
  • Cameo as this is a “Spy Universe”

The Negatives: 

  • Only Action
  • Weak VFX
  • Blunt Comedy
  • No strong backstory for Deepika

Verdict: You can watch Pathaan once in the theatre for action and Shahrukh khan and John’s spectacular action. But you coming out of the theatre with excitement and satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. Is it worth buying tickets and watching the movie in the theatre? If you are a fan of action and Shahrukh khan, then yes. But if you are looking for a story and twists and turns, then I’d suggest waiting for the OTT release.

Our rating: is 6.6/10.

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