Is 'Malignant' the next best horror movie?

 James Wan has again proved that he’s a master of thriller/horror movies. Though some parts of the film were predictable, that can be ruled out by my love for horror movies, especially by James wan, like conjuring and Annabelle.

This can be called his best comeback as the storyline is absolutely out of the box. The story revolves around a person named Gabrielle who starts killing a set of medical representatives. Why does he go on this path, and how is he related to Madison (Annabelle Wallis) is the story.

There’s a dopey twist at the end of this movie which is a 111-minute long possession thriller. Admittedly, the movie’s twist could have been the basis for something fun instead of over-produced and underdone. But “Malignant,” the latest horror movie directed by James Wan (“The Conjuring”), hangs around whenever it most needs to push its pokey plot along. 

The well-crafted scary scenes are lacking, as most of them feel generic and fail to provide jump scares. The action choreography, on the other hand, adds a layer of surprise to the proceedings. It is fast-paced and tense, especially during the chase sequence between detective Shaw and Gabriel. Maddie Hasson convincingly portrays Madison’s courageous and supportive sister. And so are the detectives working on this case of the mystery killer. However, the story’s overall tone is a little off, and there isn’t much room for the characters to grow.

The second half of the film transforms from a half-hearted horror show to an engaging action film. ‘Malignant’ has a lot of gore and gory killings to offer. Still, if you’re looking for a scary movie, this one is a little too predictable and won’t frighten you.

When it comes to the crucial aspects of the movie like spine-chilling scenes, jump scares, twists in the film, overall, I’d give a rating of 3.5/5. This rating is because there are few to no jump scares in this movie. And most of the film is mostly predictable. And yes, there are spine-chilling scenes, which will hook you to the seat for sure. The ending could have been better as it was a regular ending dealing with a warning between the protagonist and antagonist of the film.

Positive points of the movie will include

·      Annabelle Wallis acting. She has given a spectacular performance that will blow you away.

·      Out of the box idea.

·      Cinematography is incredible. The camera movement was a classic horror movie type, where the victim runs scared of the killer/ghost. Yet again, the movement of Annabelle from room to room, as shown in the trailer, caught my attention.

Opposing points of this movie will include.

·      Part of the movie is very predictive.

·      No jump scares in the film. As it’s themed as a thriller movie, the thrilling aspects were missing in most movies. 

In simple terms, Malignant is a horror/thriller which in some cases, disappoints you with the lack of its horror elements and predictiveness but amazes you with its out-of-the-box features and dopey twists.

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