Deathstorm & Flash Season 8.

The Flash season 8 pulled the rug out from under its viewers with a significant reveal. Who is Deathstorm, and what does he want?

Caitlin Snow’s Recap

Caitlin Snow is a character who has seen an emotional rollercoaster in the Flash TV series. We were introduced to her right after her fiance, Ronny Raymond, died in a particle accelerator explosion. Soon in the same season, she is introduced to her not-so-long-lost fiance Ronny Raymond as Fire Storm. Only to lose him again at the season finale.

In Season 2, her feelings change, and she falls for Jay Garrick, who Hunter Zoloman impersonated. A serial killer turned speedster from Earth 2. However, it took five seasons for Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker, to move on and finally start dating.

Caitlin Snow From the CW Show, The Flash.
Caitlin Snow From the CW Show, The Flash.

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Current Season

In the current season, Season 8, she starts dating again. To our surprise, now her long-lost husband, Ronny Raymond. Played by Robbie Amell, revisits her but now in the form of a black fire that kills people who are grieving. 

While Caitlin has remained an essential part of Team Flash and a hero in the seven years since, the character has been familiar with grief and heartache as she has lost more loved ones and only occasionally found happiness.

However, it turns out that the Ronnie she thought she saved was a terrifying villain known as Deathstorm.


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Who is Deathstorm, and is he the big bad of The Flash season 8?

The Deathstorm’s reveal has shaken the internet into an absolute meltdown. DC Comics fans have eagerly waited to see The Flash adapt the character for some time now. And what an adaptation it is!

But who is Deathstorm, and how is he connected to Ronny Raymond? Deathstorm claims to have been a little bit of Ronnie’s essence left behind on the show, which gave Deathstorm a chance to live. 

Ronnie’s connection to the main characters, especially Caitlin, gives Deathstorm’s arc the stakes that a Big Bad would require. With that in mind, we should be prepared to see more of the terrifying skeletal burning supervillain in the episodes ahead.

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Ressuracaction of Deathstorm. 

Season 8 of Flash introduced a new threat in the form of a Deathstorm. The series already used him six years ago.

Ronnie Raymond as Deathstorm from CW show, The Flash.

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Six years before the rise of the Black Flame, the CW show, The Flash already did a Deathstorm story in season 2. But this time, their antagonist (death storm) comes complete with a scary redesign and a new set of powers. 

Months after Ronnie’s death, at the end of Season 1, Barry traveled to Earth-2, where he was attacked by the counterparts of Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, who were operating as Killer Frost and Deathstorm, respectively. Like The Flash season 8’s Deathstorm, Earth-2’s Ronnie was a cold-blooded murderer who used his nuclear abilities to wreak havoc and kill innocent people in Central City. However, during a fight with Barry, Deathstorm was murdered by a sneak attack from Zoom.

Deathstorm and Arrowverse.

The show has reintroduced the Deathstorm name in a comic book accurate manner. The Flash season 8’s take on the character isn’t a Black Lantern. But he is an evil, undead incarnation of Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm, one of his two most important elements. The other is his design, which incorporates blue flames and a skull head (not unlike Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider). The Flash season 8’s Deathstorm uses this look from the comic books, whereas season 2’s interpretation didn’t look much different from the Firestorm that Barry knew on Earth-1.

Since Earth-2’s evil Ronnie Raymond was Deathstorm in name only, it’s not a problem that the Arrowverse is reusing the codename. By bringing a proper version of Deathstorm into the Arrowverse, The Flash has created a unique new adversary for Barry Allen and Team Flash to fight that’s already living up to his comic book counterpart’s menacing image. And since Earth-2’s Ronnie couldn’t survive one episode, it’s a safe bet that the new Deathstorm will leave a much bigger mark on the series than his predecessor.

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