Antlers: Spoiler-Free Review

“Antlers” fails to impress with its jump scares. Although the story is okay, there were some scenes where it didn’t make much sense. The camera work and screenplay could have been better. We have given it a rating of 6/10.

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A complete analysis of the movie will be uploaded on our YouTube channel soon. This is a spoiler-free review of the movie. Stay tuned for the full article on the movie Antlers.
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Most of the scenes(almost the whole movie) were predictable. There was absolutely no jump scares in the film, but there was one visual which is pretty hard to forget. If the story focused more on how the city or cops would react to the situation, it might have increased tension in the film.

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Overall it is a one-time watch movie. The trailer was more promising than the actual film. But their hard work did pay off. Though the movie didn’t impress us, we thought it would, some parts were written well.

“Antlers” is a film about darkness. Human darkness. Supernatural darkness. It is a slimy, icky, violent film that doesn’t always come together. Still, it also feels like it has emerged from the passions of its creators, particularly director Scott Cooper and producer Guillermo del Toro. Trauma, grief, abuse, addiction, these are not new themes to the genre, and those quick to write off the trend of “elevated horror” will find plenty to criticize here. Still, they’d also be writing off this film’s impressive craft, committed ensemble, and notable ambition. “Antlers” may fall short of its potential, but I suspect it will find a fan base over the years.

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