The Intern- Movie of the week.

“The Intern” is a movie written and directed by Nancy Meyers. It centers on a character named Jules, a young CEO of a tech startup played by Anne Hathaway. Jules is the boss of 200 employees and is responsible for the mortgage on a tastefully decorated Brooklyn brownstone. She is married to an attentive stay-at-home dad. Jules has something Meyers says she never really did — a mentor, a 70-year-old retired businessman named Ben (Robert De Niro), who is improbably hired as her intern.

Meyers reflects on changes for working women in Hollywood. She was not allowed on the set of her first movie without a male chaperone. Thirteen films later — six of them as director — Meyers can laugh about it.


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The film is a comedy-drama that stars Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower who becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site founded and run by Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway.

The Plot

The movie explores the themes of work-life balance, generational differences, and gender roles in the modern workplace. Jules is a successful but stressed-out entrepreneur who struggles to juggle her demanding job, marriage, and daughter. She faces pressure from her investors to hire a more experienced CEO to run her company, as they doubt her leadership abilities. She also suspects that her husband Matt, who gave up his career as a stay-at-home dad, is having an affair.

On the other hand, Ben is a retired executive who finds retirement boring and unfulfilling. He applies for the senior intern program at About The Fit, hoping to find a new purpose and challenge in his life. Ben becomes Jules’s intern, and despite her initial reluctance, he is a valuable asset and a loyal friend. He helps her with various tasks, such as organizing her desk, driving her around, and giving her advice. He also bonds with the younger employees at the company, sharing his wisdom and experience with them.

Why should you watch “The Intern”?

The movie shows how Ben and Jules learn from each other and develop mutual respect and admiration. Ben helps Jules cope with her personal and professional challenges and encourages her to follow her instincts and stand up for herself. Jules helps Ben rediscover his passion and zest for life and introduces him to new trends and technologies. They also challenge each other’s stereotypes and assumptions about their respective generations. The Intern is streaming in JioCinemas.

The movie also portrays working women’s issues in a male-dominated society. Jules is constantly questioned and undermined by her male investors, who think she is too young, emotional, or inexperienced to run her company. She also faces criticism from other women, who judge her for being a working mother or not feminine enough. She has to deal with the guilt of not spending enough time with her family and the insecurity of not being enough for her husband.


The movie tries to show that women can be successful leaders without sacrificing their personal lives or their identities. It also shows that men can be supportive partners and caregivers without losing masculinity or dignity. It celebrates both generations’ diversity and potential and the benefits of intergenerational collaboration and friendship.

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