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RRR is a fictional story that imagines what would have happened if two real-life Indian freedom fighters had met. Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem had met and joined forces against the British Raj in the 1920s. Raju and Bheem were tribal leaders who led rebellions against the British oppression and exploitation of their lands and people. Raju was from Andhra Pradesh, and Bheem was from Telangana, but they never crossed paths in history. The film creates a fictional scenario where they meet in Delhi and become friends before returning to their respective regions to fight for their freedom.

Raju- The Fire

Raju was born in 1897 and was inspired by the Indian independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi and others. He organized a group of tribal guerrillas called the Rampa Rebels. They attacked British police stations, army camps, and government offices in the Eastern Ghats. He also mobilized the local people to resist the British policies that restricted their access to forest resources and imposed taxes on them. Raju was known as Manyam Veerudu or Hero of the Jungles by his followers. He was eventually captured and killed by the British forces in 1924.


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Bheem- The Water

Bheem was born in 1901 and belonged to the Gond tribe. He grew up in the forests of Adilabad district and learned guerrilla warfare from his uncle. He opposed the Nizam of Hyderabad, who was allied with the British and fought for the rights of his tribe and other forest dwellers. Bheem also raided police stations and government offices to free his people from imprisonment and torture. He was known as Jode Gond or Brave Gond by his followers. He died in a police encounter in 1940.

RRR Rise Roar and Revolt.

The film RRR portrays Raju and Bheem as friends met by destiny. They share a common bond of love for their land, their people, and their freedom. The film also introduces fictional characters such as Sita (Alia Bhatt), Raju’s love interest; Jennifer (Olivia Morris), Bheem’s love interest; Venkata Rama Raju (Ajay Devgn), Raju’s father; Catherine Buxton (Alison Doody), a British governor’s wife; Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson), a British governor; Sarojini (Shriya Saran), a freedom fighter; Venkateswarulu (Samuthirakani), a tribal chief; Peddayya (Makrand Deshpande), a tribal elder; Lacchu (Rahul Ramakrishna), a mechanic; Edward (Edward Sonnenblick), a British officer; Cunningham (Mark Bennington), a British officer; Loki (Ahmareen Anjum), a tribal girl,


The film RRR is a tribute to the unsung heroes of Indian history who sacrificed their lives for their country’s freedom. It is also a celebration of Indian culture, diversity, and unity. It is one of the most expensive and ambitious Indian films ever made, with a budget of over Rs 500 crore and a worldwide gross of over Rs 1200 crore. RRR has received critical acclaim and audience appreciation for its direction, screenplay, performances, music, action, visuals, and VFX. It has also won several awards and nominations, including an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. It has taken Indian cinema to the global level and inspired millions of people with its message of courage, friendship, and patriotism.

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