Issues faced by VFX artists.

VFX artists are professionals who create stunning visual effects that enhance the storytelling and immersion of movies and TV shows. However, they also face various issues in the Hollywood industry, such as:

  • Low pay and long hours: Artists often work under tight deadlines and demanding expectations. It requires them to work overtime and sacrifice their health and well-being. However, they need to be compensated adequately for their efforts, as they are often paid less than other crew members. Even lose money due to currency fluctuations, tax incentives, or bankruptcy of VFX studios.
  • Lack of recognition and respect: VFX artists are often overlooked or ignored by the Hollywood establishment. They are neither given proper credit for their work. Not invited to premieres or award ceremonies or not consulted on creative decisions. They also face discrimination and harassment from some directors, producers, or actors who do not value their contributions or treat them as disposable.
  • Lack of stability and security: Artists have to deal with the uncertainty and volatility of the industry. They are often hired on a project-by-project basis without benefits or protections. They also must relocate frequently to chase work opportunities, influenced by global competition, outsourcing, and shifting tax policies. They also have to cope with the constant changes in technology, software, and standards, which require them to update their skills and equipment regularly.


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These issues have led to widespread dissatisfaction and frustration among VFX artists, who have been calling for better working conditions, fair compensation, union representation, and more respect and appreciation from the industry. Some VFX artists have even boycotted or protested against Hollywood productions that have exploited or mistreated them. For example, issues faced by VFX artists have come to light after a series of VFX artists of big projects like Marvel Movies mentioned their concerns.

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