08 Facts about Tollywood.

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Tollywood has produced more films than any other film industry in India. Here are a few facts about Tollywood that might be new to you.


Rajnikanth, who is famous worldwide, made his debut in Lead Role in a Telugu film. His first film with the lead role was Chilakamma Cheppindi, written and directed by Eranki Sharma. The film won the state Nandi Award for Best Feature Film.


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North and South poles do meet. Ram Gopal Varma and ManiRathnam co-wrote the Tollywood movie Gaayam. Ram Gopal Varma wrote and Donga Donga of Manirathnam. Dil Se was co-produced by RGV and Manirathnam.

Bollywood in Tollywood

Bollywood’s enchantresses Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif have their second movie in Tollywood. Takkari Donga, casting Bipasha Basu and Mahesh Babu, is one big triumphant movie and remains one to date. Malleshwari had cast Venkatesh and Katrina Kaif. This movie remains to be an entertainer of all times.

Moonlight Illusion

Marcus Bartley, an Anglo-Indian Cinematographer, played a vital role in the success of many South Indian films. In Maya Bazar’s film, the evergreen song “Lahiri, lahiri lahiri lo” was shot at Ennore near Madras at noon. The outdoor shooting lasted only for 10 to 15 seconds. He created the illusion of moonlight, and Mayabazar is the first Indian film to do so.


Sankarabharanam was released only in 1 theatre and is the biggest hit of 1990. K. Viswanath’s Sankarabharanam was released on January 14, 1980, in only one theater, and the audience for the movie at its first show was only 4. Later the music of K.V Mahadevan and the direction of K. Viswanath went viral, turning the movie into the biggest hit of the year 1980.

Vijay Nirmala

Vijaya Nirmala Continues in the Guinness Book of World Records. Vijaya Nirmala, a Director and Wife of Legendry Actor Krishna, is the only Telugu female industry member with a record of Guinness for directing the most movies. She has produced about 44 films; she then placed in the Guinness Book of the World record in 2002.


Ramanaidu Holds Guinness Record For Producing Highest Number of Movies In Telugu. Late Daggubati Ramanaidu holds a record in the Guinness Book for producing the most films. The count was 130.


Brahmanandam into Guinness World Records. Brahmanandam, a legendary actor cum comedian of the Telugu film industry, holds a rare record for screening the highest number of films, i.e., 857+ in Guinness books. He is the only male actor in the industry to hold the record.

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