Dauntless – One Month Later & Patch 0.9.0

July 13, 2019

Dauntless – One Month Later & Patch 0.9.0

It has been about a month since I first started playing Dauntless. I wanted to give a little update about my progress and feelings about the game, as well as my thoughts on the upcoming patch.

I was really into Dauntless for about 3 weeks. After all of this playing, I reached level 23 and went on several heroic hunts.  I was excited to upgrade all of the armor sets and try out some new weapons (I almost exclusively use the war pike). Unfortunately, I have dropped off the game for about two weeks now. My excitement to level everything hit the challenge of grinding. I am fine with grinding, but I have recently been too busy to sit down and play enough hunts to actually unlock anything.


During the time I was playing so much, Patch 0.8.3 was released. In this patch, the Godhand war pike glitch was fixed (so people cannot endlessly shoot a laser at a behemoth) and Boreus was tuned quite a bit. Many people were complaining that Boreus got a lot harder, but in my experience, that isn’t the case. Since the update, my randomized teams have not wiped when fighting Boreus as much as they did before the patch. Also, the patch made war pikes glitch out a lot. When shooting a charge missile, sometimes two would fire at once. Also, the meter would sometimes show that there was a missile ready to launch when there was not. Again, war pikes are my favorite weapon, so this was kind of annoying. I was still able to use the war pike with the glitch, but it just made it more difficult.

Patch 0.9.0

On July 16, 2019, the Fortune & Glory update releases. Fortune & Glory is the sixth season of Dauntless and it appears to have a pirate theme. There is a new game mode called Island of Trials and two new hunt passes. The Trials will feature mutated behemoths. They will be modified to have features from other behemoths. Trials will give out a new type of currency to spend, as well as other rewards. There will be a new type of “aggressive fauna” in the form of snail-like creatures called smollusks.

Fortune & Glory will have two hunt passes — Fortune & Glory and Zephyr Strike. Each hunt pass still has two tracks: the Basic (free) track and the Elite (paid) track. Fortune & Glory will end in August, and the Zephyr Strike hunt pass will begin.

Click here to visit the Fortune & Glory page on the Dauntless website.

My Thoughts

I feel like Patch 0.9.0 will bring me back into Dauntless. The Island of Trials should bring about lots of new challenges, as well as more things to unlock. I am interested to see the cosmetics that can be purchased with Marks from Trials. The new update should break up the monotony of grinding for parts. On the note of grinding, I do have a suggestion for Dauntless: I think there should be a way to re-queue after a hunt. It is annoying having to load into the city and then select the same hunt again. When the new update drops, I plan on checking out Trials and also working on the Hunt Pass. I also plan on upgrading some chain blades and trying them out. I will play the new update after it drops, and let you know my thoughts!

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