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  • Top 8 Revenge Movies

    Top 8 Revenge Movies

    Of all the movie genres, revenge movies take a special place in our hearts. Though some films are hard to watch due to the violence and dark aspects of the movies, the end satisfaction is on another level when we know that the wrongdoers got what they deserved. This is another reason why movies like…

  • Top 08 Heist Movies

    A crack team of thieves. A priceless haul. A Heist plan that cannot fail. Welcome to the world of heist films. A genre with a familiar setup where the infinite pleasures of watching criminals try to beat the odds and avoid getting caught. The genre lends itself well to both action and characters. It’s one…

  • Science Fiction Mind-Bending Movies.

    The best thing about science fiction movies is that they entertain and make us think logically. Sometimes watching a movie isn’t enough; if we like it, we talk about it with friends and family. Such films take a particular space in our hearts. Watching a few mind-bending movies twice to understand what is happening would…

  • Bollywood movies that crossed 200 Cr

    Regarding Bollywood movies, we consider the number of collections the film has made. Getting huge collections makes fans go haywire, be it a hit or flop. Here is a list of eight Bollywood movies that gained over 200 Cr collections. Please note that Pan-Indian movies like Bahubali, RRR, and Pushpa are not included in the…

  • Space Movies From Indian Cinema.

    Best Indian Movies on Space: Space Movies haven’t been a trendy genre in Indian Cinema as they require huge budgets. The International Cinema has seen many, and filmmakers tend to come up with one every year.

  • Best Business Movies For Entrepreneurs.

    The artistic, cinematic masterpieces and documentaries presented in this article will be interesting and valuable for startups. And highly experienced business sharks seeking self-development and actively climbing the career ladder.

  • Top 10 Space Movies.

    Space, man. It’s just up there, floating and so far beyond the regular comprehension of us, plebeians stuck down here on Earth. We sit down on the big blue planet and imagine what it might be like.

  • Movies That Are Hard To Watch Twice

    Horror Movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Human Centipede are masterpieces. Still, they pushed the envelope, too, and are too gross to get fans to come back for seconds.


    Mythological creatures have been the basis of many forms of adaptations. Whether those are TV Shows, books, or movies. Folklore has set the stage for many films in the horror genre throughout the years.

  • Top 10 Romantic Comedies of 2022.

    You may have mixed feelings about how 2022’s going (valid). Still, at least we can say it’s given us a slew of delightful new romantic comedy movies to watch, and so many more are coming out this year.