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  • Evil Dead Rise Review

    The Horror Comedy franchise Evil Dead has given its audience a masterpiece by going all out with Horror. Evil Dead Rise is the fifth film of the franchise. Though it is the fifth, it is not a sequel to the 2013 Evil Dead Movie. While all the evil dead movies have taken place in the…

  • Virupaksha- Could have been Better.

    Review: Virupaksha – Captivating mystical thriller Virupaksha is a mystical horror film starring Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej. The movie, directed by Karthik Dandu, has Samyukta Menon plays the female lead. Amidst the good buzz, the film has hit the screens, and let’s see how it is. Virupaksha is a good movie with a different…

  • Balaya Roaring Continues.

    When I went to the theaters, I didn’t have any expectations of the film as a young director was directing it. I thought we get to witness Balaya in a software employee or news reporter outfit like how he was portrayed in the movie Sreemanarayana. So I was preparing to catch Balaya at a slow…

  • Pathaan: A failed blockbuster.

    We have been waiting for his arrival since 2018. It’s been more than four years. Bollywood lost its charismatic essence with not a single super hit in 2022. Though movies like Bhool Bulaya and Bramhastra have done good with numbers, they couldn’t save a seat in the audience’s hearts. Brahmhastra has become meme-content rather than…

  • Kantara movie review: 

    Kantara has earned the whole country’s endorsement, with many more National Awards. The beautiful amalgamation of faith, thrill, action, and mythology in this powerful film stands the best among the efforts of any Indian filmmaker in recent times. 

  • Sita-Ramam Review: A predictable tale.

    Hanu Raghavapudi’s romance saga brims with earnestness and is helped by charming performances from Mrunal Thakur and Dulquer Salmaan’s Sita-Ramam.

  • Kitchen Drama: The Bear Review.

    If you’re looking for a fantastic Kitchen Drama that will stress you out and make you tremendously hungry. I’ve got two words for you: “The Bear.”

  • Brahmastra movie review:

    Brahmastra: Despite all those non-stop computer graphics, the luxury of the sets, and the film’s commitment to its subject, we never really connect to the movie altogether.

  • Everything Everywhere All At Once Review.

    Everything Everywhere All at Once has been critically swooned over in the U.S. and everywhere else. So it’s disconcerting to find it hyperactive and self-admiring but dull, overdetermined, and laborious. 

  • Tekken Bloodline Review.

    Netflix’s Tekken-Bloodline: is a worthy adaptation that could be the basis of longevity with a impressive storyboarding, clear character arcs and gritty storyline