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  • Megan is Missing- Movie Review.

    Megan is Missing- Movie Review.

    Megan is Missing (2011) is a very run-of-the-mill horror movie for the first 4/5th of the film. But the climax is so terrifying and disturbing the movie goes viral every few years as new groups of horror fans discover it. Most recently, the film went viral on TikTok, with people filming their reactions to the film’s […]

  • Vikram Movie Review: An ambitious film

    Vikram Movie Review: An ambitious film

    The Director, Lokesh Kanagaraj brings together an ensemble-filled world of Kamal Haasan’s 1986 film Vikram and his 2019 film Kaithi’s action-packed world of drug lords and cops in Vikram. It holds the mysteries of a spy action film and provides the thrills to some extent. Still, it doesn’t feel wholly satisfactory.

  • ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ review:

    ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ review:

    “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” it is said in The Dark Knight. This time, Christian Bale has turned villain for Marvel in Thor: Love and Thunder. The antagonist is potent, and the plot is also faithful to the comic-book storyline and brings back the crowd-favorite, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

  • Major: Flawed but effective.

    Major: Flawed but effective.

    Major movie review: Adivi Sesh’s tribute to the 26/11 hero is flawed but effective Actor and filmmaker Adivi Sesh has been fascinated by the courage and the story of late 26/11 hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. He first saw the latter’s passport-size photo on a news channel in San Francisco in 2008. Sesh has been a fan of […]

  • Acharya Movie Review- One-Time Watch.

    Acharya Movie Review- One-Time Watch.

    Thanks to COVID, Acharya has been in the making for the last three years. Finally, the film starring Chiranjeevi and Charan has hit the screens today.

  • Akhanda Movie Review.

    Akhanda Movie Review.

    Akhanda is the action entertainer that’ll work strictly for Balakrishna’s fans because anyone looking to kill time over a tub of popcorn or a bottle of coke might leave exhausted. 

  • Antlers: Spoiler-Free Review

    Antlers: Spoiler-Free Review

    “Antlers” fails to impress with its jump scares. Although the story is okay, there were some scenes where it didn’t make much sense. The camera work and screenplay could have been better. We have given it a rating of 6/10.

  • Pushpa: The Rise- Spoiler Free Review

    Pushpa: The Rise- Spoiler Free Review

    Pushpa movie was perfect for some and really bad for quite a few. But, for me, it felt good. From a cinema freak point of view, movie bags are really good in its story and screenplay.

  • Spiderman No Way Home: Spoiler Free Review.

    Spiderman No Way Home: Spoiler Free Review.

    Yet another masterpiece by Marvel is here. Spiderman No Way Home movie hit theaters yesterday, and Spiderman fans couldn’t have asked for a better movie.

  • Is 'Malignant' the next best horror movie?

    Is 'Malignant' the next best horror movie?

     James Wan has again proved that he’s a master of thriller/horror movies. Though some parts of the film were predictable, that can be ruled out by my love for horror movies, especially by James wan, like conjuring and Annabelle. This can be called his best comeback as the storyline is absolutely out of the box. […]