BomBARDed Podcast Review

June 24, 2019

BomBARDed is one of my favorite podcasts at the moment. This actual-play D&D podcast follows the adventures of three bards who attend Strumlott’s School for Bards. Ali Grant, Nick Spurrier, and Nick Goodrich play the bards that make up the band Chaos Sauce. Kyle Claset is the game’s DM. The four BomBARDed cast members are members of the real-life Texas-based band, Lindby. Once per episode, the cast rolls special “chord dice” to randomly create a song. They often play short, humorous song parodies throughout the podcast when casting their bard spells.

The Cast

  • Ali Grant – Yashe’rak “Yashee” Bordun
    Ali is the only female in the BomBARDed cast. She plays a half-orc barbarian/bard named Yashee. Yashee does the percussion for the group by using her mallets. Yashee is very kind, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. She also has a thing for stealing spoons.

  • Nick Spurrier – Randy Greentrees
    Nick Spurrier (or just “Spurrier”, as he is one of two Nicks on the show) plays Randy Greentrees, a halfling rogue/bard who plays the organ. Randy might be my favorite character on the show. He is a complex little guy. He has a wizard in his belly named Eddie. Randy also cannot read, but hides it from most other characters, which makes for some interesting moments in the show. Randy is chaotic-evil, and Eddie tends to pop up now and then to cause his own brand of havoc. Things are never boring with Randy around!

  • Nick Goodrich – Raz’ul son of Daz’ul
    Nick Goodrich (“Goodrich”) plays Raz’ul, a dwarf druid/bard. Raz’ul can transform into animals…sort of. Raz’ul’s big secret is that he cannot control which animal he turns into. In game, Goodrich has a list of animals he can possibly turn into, and he rolls dice to see what he gets. This has made for some great moments in the show. One of my favorite moments involves Raz’ul trying to transform into an animal to sneak a book away from some other characters. The group is in a desert, and Raz’ul hopes to transform into something that somewhat blends in. He transforms into a black bear and decides that isn’t the best animal for a desert setting. He uses his second transformation and, hilariously, turns into a brown bear. Raz’ul’s axe, Usumptin, has been turned into his instrument, a guitar. He enjoys making potpourri in his spare time.

  • Kyle Claset – the DM, or “Dungeon Maestro”
    Kyle is the mastermind behind the BomBARDed adventure. In addition to voicing all of the NPCs, he also lends his skills on the bass guitar to the group’s songs. He does a great job as a DM, and he doesn’t railroad the players. One of my favorite of Kyle’s NPCs is Chaos Sauce’s teacher, Symbol. The group refuses to call him Symbol, opting to call him “Splash” instead. Symbol has to remind them every time that “Splash” isn’t his name and he refuses to answer to it. I have enjoyed the characters Kyle has breathed life into, and I look forward to the future he has for our bards.

The Adventure

Yashee, Randy, and Raz’ul are learning how to be bards and honing their musical skills at Strumlott’s School. They also spend their time going on dangerous adventures, making new friends, learning to trust each other, overcoming their insecurities, antagonizing their rivals, and uncovering their world’s hidden secrets. The band, Chaos Sauce, is slowly making a name for themselves as they travel through different towns — those business cards they hand out to everyone they meet has to be helping, right?

At This Time…

At the time of writing, there are currently 38 main episodes of BomBARDed. The cast is taking a short break for the summer. The feed is still being updated with main episodes, but they are interspersed with some of their other projects (the latest episode was a Greetings Adventurers! live show featuring Nick Goodrich).


I highly recommend BomBARDed to anyone who enjoys D&D podcasts. If you know nothing about music, don’t be afraid to check it out. I have no knowledge of musical techniques, chords, keys, etc. During episodes when the cast learns a new musical technique, they do try to explain it to the listener during the middle break; you can just skip this part if you have no interest in hearing the explanation.
This show is pretty family-friendly, and they sometimes try to warn the audience if an episode contains something a parent might find problematic. The show has a lot of humor in it, and each of the character’s flaws just adds to the charm. The cast members really seem to be in tune with their character and their actions in any given situation. One episode that was a roller coaster of emotions for the cast (and audience) was Episode 27: Bards of a Feather.
Again, I recommend checking out BomBARDed if you want a good story and some light-hearted humor.

My Favorite Songs

  • “Randy, Raz’ul, and I”
  • “Yashee, Won’t You Dance With Me?” (My favorite of them all!)
  • “No Going Back”
  • “Tibbledy Tom Titomalon”
  • “Cheap Cheep”

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