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Vamsi Krishna Mutyala

Hello viewers. Welcome to “Entertainment Reviewed.”

This is your host, Vamsi Krishna Mutyala. In this section, We will share my journey from how the idea of blogging has come into my life and how it is going on.  

Continuous learning has always been my primary principle. I was an introvert who didn’t socialize much during school days. My conversations were with books with dramatic stories, romantic fantasies, and much more. Fiction and fantasy books have widened my imagination, which helped me write creative content in poetry and fiction. With the confidence I gained in writing my poetry and guidance from my peers, I have elected English Literature as my primary subject during college. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts, where my major subjects were Political Science, Mass Communication, and English Literature. Literature in collaboration with Mass Communication has shown me a career path in Content Creation and Digital Marketing.

To enrich my skills and learn new stuff, I was hunting for internships and a social platform to share my work. I was offered training at an online media publication. I got an opportunity to learn the basics of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and create content for their monthly magazine. This learning opportunity has introduced me to blogging. 

After seriously considering what I can do with my skills and the online platforms available, I have decided to share my work of poems, short stories, and quotes on online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YourQuote. Along with this, the hunger to learn something new has always kept me; therefore, after completing my degree in Arts, I have decided to pursue Management studies which have given me a broader perspective of how to turn my passion into work.

Though content creation was always my primary passion, during my Management studies, I chose Human Resources as my major studies as I was more inclined toward the concepts of Training and Development and Competency Mapping. My interest in HR has given me various internship and work opportunities. Thanks to my mentors who have guided me in learning and implementing all the practical approaches to Human Resource Management. Though I was working in HR, I can proudly say I found a way to blend my writing skills into my assigned work.

After working for several months, I got a call from a publishing company. I got an opportunity to become their Public Relations Officer. This opportunity has given me the scope to become what I have always wanted. 

As a Public Relations Officer, I was supposed to handle social media accounts like Quora, YouTube, and LinkedIn. While working on YouTube, a video publishing platform, I learned video editing software, Videopad. This opportunity widened my creativeness, making me learn Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, GIMP, and many more. The idea of learning Graphic Designing Software has opened up my idea of entering into Graphic Designing. 

With that in mind, I have started using my skills and turning them into a tool to build a career. Hence I have created a blog that reviews and analyses movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment. Hence the name of the blog is entertainment reviewed. 

I hope this is the final destination of your search if you are looking for entertainment information. Have fun, and feel free to share your experiences via comments, or feel free to write to us at vamsikrishn139@gmail.com

Thank you.

Vamsi Krishna Mutyala.